CAFCASS warned that parental alienation does exist

Parental alienation is a situation where one parent turns their children, or alienates them, against the other parent.

There has been a long and unhelpful debate on whether parental alienation exists or not.

That debate revolved around whether it was an agreed medical or psychiatric condition.

Parents who knew that their children were being affected did not care whether there was a technical definition or not.  All they wanted was Continue reading

Warning: Divorcees could have to pay extra stamp duty

The government has introduced an extra stamp duty for people who already have an interest in property. People buying a house who have their name on a property will now often have to pay an additional 3% of the cost of a new house in extra stamp duty.

This can cause you problems if you are getting or have recently got divorced.

Imagine the following scenario; Continue reading

Why Brexit really is like a divorce

The referendum vote to leave the EU has been likened to a divorce and in many ways it is.

In the latest episode of our divorce and separation podcast Lincoln based divorce lawyers Neil Denny and Faye Genders come up with Continue reading

Divorce and separation podcast

We are gearing up to produce what we hope will be the leading divorce and separation podcast in England and Wales.

We have a few teething problems to resolve - such as why is our theme music not merging with our recorded audio and how can we make it easier for you to subscribe on iTunes, Podbean or your Podcast player of choice?  Those questions will be resolved shortly.

In  the meantime here is a pilot episode Continue reading

Don’t make this expensive divorce mistake!

An ex-wife has received a lump sum of £300,000 from her ex-husband 32 years after they separated and 24 years after they divorced.   The husband must also pay £326,000 of her solicitor's costs as well!  This expensive but common divorce mistake could have been avoided.   Continue reading

Recording children; is it allowed?

We are often asked if it is okay to start recording children within court proceedings.

Technology makes it easy to do - chillingly so.  The quickest of Google searches reveals bugging devices little larger than a £1 coin.  Insert a sim card and then you can call into the bugging device and hear everything that is going on. Continue reading

Getting divorced? Change your passwords.

"Regularly changing your online passwords is good practice at any time," explains Neil Denny, Lincoln based divorce lawyer, "But when you are getting divorced then it should be essential."

Our assumptions about online confidentiality and security can be very Continue reading

Trust funds in divorce

Many families across Lincolnshire use trust funds to organise and manage land, money and investments. Little thought is often given to consider what happens to the trust fund in divorce.
The biggest mistake that people make about trusts is that if the trust is “Discretionary” then it is out of reach of the divorce courts. This article explains the position as it really is. Continue reading