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21st March 2017
CAFCASS warned that parental alienation does exist

Parental alienation is a situation where one parent ...

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Looking after the children ❯

Looking after the children

We still talk about our rights concerning our children when a relationship breaks down but these no longer exist.

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Divorce ❯


A real problem is that everybody is an "expert" on divorce. Currently 1 in 3 marriages break down and we all know someone who is going through a divorce or has had one in the past.

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Separation ❯


Some married couples choose not to divorce following the breakdown of their marriage.

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Pre-nuptial agreements ❯

Pre-nuptial agreements

Have you already been through a nasty divorce, or even a relatively amicable one?

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Finances ❯

Finances, Property, Civil Partnerships

Sorting out finances tends to be the most complex part of unravelling a marriage or civil partnership and is often the most acrimonious.

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Disputes and Injunctions ❯

Disputes and Injunctions

Sadly, domestic violence is a feature of far too many marriages. Most domestic violence is covered up and goes unreported and unpunished.

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