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21st March 2017
CAFCASS warned that parental alienation does exist

Parental alienation is a situation where one parent ...

A reputation earned through success!

Who are we?

At Diane Genders Solicitors we talk straight, get straight to the heart of any issue and ALWAYS have your best interests at the centre of our thinking. We really want you to have a successful outcome whilst enjoying our value for money. We believe that we are the friendliest and most helpful lawyers in town and we work relentlessly to provide you with the best service package available today. This extends from the quality of our offices, our client care, the clarity of our communication to the professionalism of all our staff from top to bottom and from start to finish. If you use us and do not feel able to recommend us we will be frankly shocked and will ask you why just in the unlikely event that we have missed something. This is why we are successful and why we are proud to use the words “A Reputation Earned Through Success” in our logo. We mean it and want to make sure that you believe it.

Our approach really is different. We think holistically, creatively and “out of the box”. Our approach to working for you is that:-

  • we listen and listen again
  • we help you find out what you want to achieve after fully taking into account your values, needs and expectations
  • we make realistic suggestions as to how this can be achieved
  • we propose options setting out the pros and cons of each
  • then and only then we get to work and help you achieve the best possible outcome

We are traditional in values but ultra modern in approach. We can work face to face, via the web using emails as well as over the phone or by post – whichever suits you best. We have invested in the latest technology to ensure that we can fit in with your lifestyle and needs. For example, you will be able to see where we are in your matter 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by accessing (via secure passwords) your secure area on our website.

We have an excellent and conveniently located office in Lincoln with a private car park. We typically meet our clients at our office but we can also meet you at other locations by arrangement such as your home or your office. We respond speedily to your calls, emails, letters and texts and do not stick rigidly to standard office hours.

We look forward to working with you on your behalf.

Diane Genders