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21st March 2017
CAFCASS warned that parental alienation does exist

Parental alienation is a situation where one parent ...

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Disputes and Injunctions

Sadly, domestic violence is a feature of far too many marriages. Most domestic violence is covered up and goes unreported and unpunished. You might be surprised to hear this but today the police are very sympathetic and helpful when they investigate claims of domestic violence. In fact, harassment is now a criminal offence.

Domestic violence whether by husband on wife or wife against husband is never acceptable and it is essential that it is reported to the authorities and dealt with without delay.

If your spouse is being violent towards you then it can be a criminal offence and a civil matter. If you want it stopped but do not want to involve the police then you can apply for an injunction. An injunction is essentially a court order preventing a person from behaving in the way prohibited by the Court. Where violence has occurred the police will arrest the perpetrator if the injunction is disobeyed.

Other types of injunction include an order requiring a spouse or partner to leave the marital home and stay away. Usually this is following violence or if otherwise necessary to protect the spouse and children. It is a serious step to take and is never taken lightly.

There are other types of injunction such as financial injunctions stopping a spouse deliberately disposing of assets to defeat the others claim.

The police and the courts are there for your protection and you should always be prepared to use then to protect your safety and the safety of your children.

If you find yourself in such a situation then it is important that you call us and arrange a confidential consultation to discuss your situation and find out what you can do about it and what protection can be provided for you and your family. Sometimes things happen at night or over a weekend and you may need urgent advice. In this situation we are available, to existing clients, via the phone 24 hours a day.

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